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Uncategorized Jun 01, 2022

New workshop alert,

Click here to RSVP and save the date for Friday, June 3rd at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Master trainer and Green Door Life Co-Founder Shannon Morse will share the optimal strategies in the following areas to level up your athletic advantage:

  • nutrition: daily goals + specific pre/post fuel for different types of training and sports
  • sleep and recovery
  • hydration and electrolytes
  • mindset and visualization
  • cross-training modalities for enhanced performance, overall balance in the body, and longevity
  • goal setting

(All of which are 100% applicable for showing up as an optimal human in everyday life! If you're struggling with energy, stress, sleep, work productivity, or workouts, you don't want to miss this!)

Once you RSVP, you'll receive an email with a Zoom link and reminders closer to the workshop date. If you cannot attend live, you'll still want to RSVP as all registrants will receive a replay link after the event.

100% of optional donations go to The North Bay Rowing Club, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, in support of Shannon's nephew, Trystan Morse, who is one of five young athletes competing at the 2022 U.S. Rowing Youth National Championships in Florida this June.

If you are not able to donate at this time, please select the $0 free option as we would love to share this information with you. Feel free to invite your family, friends, and anyone else in your network who you think would benefit!



Question of the Week:

"I'm trying to lose weight, so I signed up for a 5k. Is this a good idea?"

Before you commit to a 5k or half marathon… ask yourself the following:

👉 Do you strength train regularly and have enough muscle development to support repetitive, high impact stress on your joints?

👉 Do you have a ballpark awareness of how many calories and macronutrients you consume daily so you know how to regulate the inevitable increase in hunger that will occur from running?

👉 Have you built up high daily N.E.A.T. like walking before increasing the intensity to running?

👉 Do you regularly foam roll + do mobility work before starting a running routine to ensure minimal injury + increased blood flow to all body tissue?

👉 Are you consuming sufficient protein + complex carbs during the day to fuel your running properly + avoid muscle tissue breakdown?

👉 Do you have your overall stress in check + regularly practice resiliency techniques so that your body doesn’t become inflamed from excess cortisol created by more cardio?

Now, this might seem contradictory information after I (Lisa) recently shared my journey with starting a running routine earlier this year (which I am still doing, by the way!).

The truth is, my answer was a resounding YES to all of the above before I started increasing my cardio.

We understand why people turn to running when they want to lose weight or focus on overall health. Running is free, it doesn’t require higher knowledge of lifting weights, and it’s easier to do for most people than asses or change their food intake.

But we’ve seen this approach backfire all too often.

Our clients see the best results by focusing on the following in this order of importance:

1️⃣ Balanced nutrition

2️⃣ Walk / high daily N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis - or all the calories you burn outside of your actual workout)

3️⃣ Progressive strength training

4️⃣ Stress management / nervous system regulation

5️⃣ Running and other forms of cardio in the minimal effective dose only as desired / needed.

Make sure to attend the workshop on Friday if you want to learn more about how to properly fuel for running, long bike rides, triathlons, etc. if you're an endurance athlete (and yes, you're an athlete if you're exercising on purpose!).

Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition  |

P.S. Check out our nutrition master class if you're new and want to learn what we're about 💚.

P.P.S. We have 2 spots open for 1:1 coaching! Start your application now at: 👉


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