Non-Scale Victories

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019

Our favorite aspect of coaching is not necessarily the weight loss that inevitably ensues, but rather the absolute shattering of old beliefs that no longer serve our clients. We're not interested in finding you a quick fix only to have you return to old habits.

Our goal is to help you redefine your idea of diet, exercise, and health just like 30-year old nurse Sydney describes in the following interview. Besides losing 30 pounds, Sydney shares several non-scale victories, like more energy and structure to support her long work days.


Are you following us on Instagram? If so, stay tuned for snippets of our app workouts that will be included regularly, like this super set that takes advantage of PHA, or peripheral heart action training: 

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This type of training intentionally alternates between a lower body strength exercise to an upper body strength exercise with little to no rest in between to elicit a cardiovascular response while you're lifting weights. In other words, you get the most bang for your buck! Remember, when you sign up for our training app, we customize your program to fit your unique goals and body type, just like we do for all of our nutrition programs.

Happy Friday, friends!


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