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I am all about getting creative with workouts with what is available. Some hotel gyms will be stocked to the nines with all of the free weights and machines. Some, however, will not. So we improvise! This is a little cable workout which incorporates multiple muscle groups in each movement to improve heart rate, metabolic function and muscle recruitment.

Try 4 sets of 8-15 reps of each. This workout may not make you sore, but it will leave all of your muscle feeling awake and ready to take on the travel day!

Weights will vary depending on your body weight and strength. Start easy and work your way up with each set.



Set your feet a little wider that hip distance apart. Engage your booty, shoulders and core. The goal with this exercise is to keep your hips absolutely stable and your arm locked out. The only movement should come from the rotation. Of the rib cage caused by your internal and external obliques doing their work. Breath helps a ton with this exercise as it assists in full contraction of your full core muscle complex.



This is a moderate to advanced move. If you are just beginning, start with two legs on the ground and grab the cable with both hands. The key to this exercise is engaging your booty and core just like the first exercise, to set up your position and stabilize. Pull your shoulder into the socket and keep it there throughout the whole movement. What do I mean by this?! Imagine you are holding a newspaper underneath your arm pit. This sensation of pulling the shoulder back and locking it downwards is the idea we are looking for. With any deadlift the goal is to slide the hips back as far as you can and then engage the booty and hamstring to bring your hips back to the starting position. The great thing about this movement with the row, is that it positions you to hold the contraction of your flutes while you row the cable using your back and biceps.



Hey we get to engage our booty AND our core again, can you see a trend yet? ;) Set yourself up in a plank position with straight arms. You will want to grab the cable prior to setting up. Set your position up far enough away from the cable to that you can extent your arm all the way. Place feet a little wider than hip width and brace everything. Row with one arm, keeping your elbow out to the side.



Start with the cable pulled into your chest and hold it there. Lock your hands and shoulders into place. They should not move away from your chest for the duration of the set. Start with your lunging leg closest to the cable pulley. Push your hips back as far as they can go, while keeping the opposite leg straight. Then engage your booty and come back up to standing. Feet should remain wide throughout the movement. Your should feel the contraction right where your hamstring meets your glutes of the lunging leg.


Cables are great for recreations all of the muscles to maintain balance, positioning and eccentric/concentric contraction. This means that muscles have to stay engaged in both the extension and the contraction phase.

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