The #1 Appetite Suppressant

Uncategorized May 13, 2022

are you ready to discover the number one most effective appetite suppressant?!

Well, let's back up first and review why we wanted to cover this topic in the first place...

Lately, Instagram and the rest of social media has felt like an astoundingly accurate, super aggressive, personalized marketing machine filled with sponsored ads every few posts that speak directly into a pain point you have. (Thanks A.I., but also a bit creepy.)

Because we're in the health and wellness industry, anytime we hop on IG to share educational information and answer questions, we're bombarded by ads for:

👉 6-week booty band workouts that promise to give you Kim Kardashian's 🍑 without any customized nutrition support or actual lifting of heavy weights

👉 All-in-one tracking gadgets that will fill your brain with so much data, you may start to turn into a cyborg (and certainly overlook many cues that your body intuitively communicates) 

👉 Fat burners that promise to shed the weight fast like old school Hydroxycut

👉 Endless coffee alternatives that promise to act like Adderall, containing no less than 36 ingredients including herbs, secret proprietary blends, and supplements that are minimally regulated by the FDA

👉 Lumen, Noom, and other so-called metabolism trackers (FYI, we've heard from several clients that these are completely ineffective... go figure!)

👉 Custom everything: poop analysis kits, vitamins, food sensitivity tests (newsflash: they're going to tell you that you're allergic to everything), therapeutic psychedelics, and even protein powders (don't even get us started)

👉 Influencers and celebrities sharing their 7-day detox plans and waist trainers

👉 Move over cauliflower, it's collagen, collagen, collagen in everything (a daily serving or two of collagen protein is great for hair, skin, nails, tissue repair, etc.... but not as your only protein source to support muscle building and maintenance; it doesn't contain all essential amino acids, so you'll need to vary protein intake just as vegans must do)

👉 Keto meal plans promising 30 pounds of weight loss in two weeks, keto snacks full of processed ingredients and fake sugars that will help you lose weight via dehydration + sending you to the bathroom, and exogenous ketones a.k.a. completely ineffective and a great way to flush $$ down the toilet 🙄

👉 CoolSculpt, CoolTech, Lipo and other fat "eliminating" procedures (note: a new study claims that 1 in 100 will experience the opposite effect - increased fat cells - after CoolSculpt, not to mention, new fat cells can always be created if food intake + exercise are not balanced)

👉 Peloton products creating such competition that people, especially women, are over-exercising, causing excess cortisol levels and chronic inflammation particularly in the legs, making them more like fat-storing machines

👉 And even intuitive fasting (wait until they study long-term effects on hormones, fertility, and stress from extended fasting in middle aged active men and women who are in a healthy weight range or slightly above; for now, rodents, 18-year old males, and clinically obese post-menopausal females have been the studied subjects seeing positive results which is no shocker to us; meanwhile, when it comes to weight loss, fasting is not anymore effective than other dietary approaches + has possible negative outcomes over time)

All of this to say... the one ad that got me recently was selling an appetite suppressant.

I'm always interested in the latest magic tricks and persuasive techniques that companies utilize to sell their products so I can help our clients see through the B.S., so I clicked the ad link, watched the one-hour cliffhanger "master class", and laughed my booty off for a good minute or two.

And then it dawned on me that our program essentially teaches you the #1 most effective appetite suppressant that has worked for most of our time as a human species on this planet...


Only recently with the introduction of processed foods and highly palatable, addictive convenience food everywhere has managing our appetites and cravings become challenging. 

When one's diet is heavily processed and/or contains an abundance of one macronutrient over the others, the body will be out of balance, too.

Add onto that modern day stressors, toxins, and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle for most, and there's no doubt why so many people are feeling less than fantastic these days.

Advocating for your health, keeping promises to yourself, and practicing lifestyle habits that will support you well into old age requires some discipline up front as well as a learning curve of varying degrees, but the payoff is a healthier, happier, more energetic YOU.

The dividends of investing in yourself to understand nutrition science and proper exercise / training for your unique body and goals will pay off for LIFE.

Click here to book a free call with us if you're trying to DIY this on your own and want to understand how to support your body with proper nutrition and training for LIFE 🤩

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Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition  |

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