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Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020


Hey there,

You may have noticed a few more emails coming from us these days. That's because after receiving so many requests for recipes, movement strategies, nutrition tips, and awareness practices, we've committed to sharing them with you on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide value while respecting your inbox, so if this is not in alignment with your current goals, we encourage you to unsubscribe anytime : )

To those of you who are interested in all dimensions of health, including those not necessarily represented on the cover of fitness magazines, we would like to introduce you to: The Woo Corner.


Being a little woo woo (i.e. spiritual, new age, "out there", hippie, alternative, etc.) is just a part of who we are choosing to embody in this current reality, along with many of our members. Here is a little clarification from our perspective so you know what to expect in these types of emails.

What is Woo Woo?

Recognizing that each moment is made up of two things - attention (what are we focusing on?) and intention (what is our true desire?) - and that we have the power to create our reality by choosing how we respond or react.  

Respecting the power of conscious breath as a conduit for de-stressing, returning to the present moment, and dropping out of racing thoughts and back into the body (i.e. grounding).

Knowing that we are not our thoughts but that our thoughts create our reality, and so we regularly get curious about them through observation and introspection. 

Feeling connected to everything and everyone in the Universe and yet, not needing the validation of others to live the life of our choosing.

Understanding that the answers to all of life's questions reside in a quiet mind, ready for our taking. 

Believing that our life is unfolding in divine timing and that we are all playing our part perfectly.

Committing to regular self-inquiry and self-development as a gateway to higher consciousness. 

Allowing our emotions to guide us, not rule us.

Prioritizing joy as the purpose of life.

Photograph by the Essence Photographer, Candace Smith

Now that we've shared our definition, we want to know what woo woo means to you! Click reply to this email, and let us know.

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