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Uncategorized Jan 05, 2021

The, if you've been feeling stressed out, disoriented, and just straight up overwhelmed from 2020, you're not alone🙏

Let intuitive energy healer and channeler, Catherine Linard, put you at ease next week to help start the year with intention and joy💫 

Whether you're a current member or new to The Green Door Life, we invite you to join us at 11 a.m. Pacific on Monday, January 11th for a virtual channeling session with Catherine.

About This Workshop:

Although the content will not be rigidly defined ahead of time, in recent livestreams Catherine has shared how to:

✨Understand what the pandemic means

✨Center, ground and root to receive from Divine

✨Deal with fear and judgment

✨Work with the ego and allow your destiny

✨Release conditioned energy that isn't yours

✨Get out of feeling creatively stuck

✨Define what it means to be a healer Click the link in our bio to

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About Catherine 

Catherine is an intuitive energy healer and channeler. Her background is strongly rooted in the Western medical model.

During a meditation exercise in Fall 2009, something in Catherine cracked open and changed her life forever. From that opening, a small voice spoke. She now recognizes this Being, this Voice, as the voice of God (or Spirit, as she prefer to call it). Catherine does not claim any exclusive access to it; indeed she knows it to be the very essence of all of us, the Self that is hidden behind all the stories we have come to believe about who we are and what this world is.

Catherine also now knows that she is here to help anyone and everyone who is interested in finding It for themselves to do just that, to whatever degree they wish, and it is her great honor and pleasure to do so.


Ergonomics Workshop

We have another workshop coming your way next week! Raise your hand if one of your new year’s resolutions is to eliminate back pain, aching wrists, and text neck after working from home for so long🙋‍♀️

We can bet that most of us have *not* set up our home office to be functionally efficient and comfortable.

Whether you're a current member or new to The Green Door Life, we invite you to join us at 6 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, January 14th for a free ergonomics at home workshop! Annette Doherty will lead us through a 60-minute class via Zoom that you can join from anywhere.

Ergonomics is the measurement of the interaction between the worker and the environment. In other words, it examines how you interface or “fit” while using your work tools.

In this workshop we will discuss how ergonomics can improve your comfort and productivity while preventing, reducing, or eliminating discomfort. 

We will review some of the general ergonomic principles for proper desk set up, including: 

  • The chair and what to look for when choosing the best fit
  • The desk or table height, 
  • Footrests and why one can improve your posture
  • Standing options
  • The monitor position and heights
  • And, mouse options and keyboards

About Your Instructor: Annette Doherty 

Annette Doherty is a Physical Therapist, Ergonomist, and a Pure Barre Instructor. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a BA in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and has a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt University.

Annette practices Physical Therapy and ergonomics in corporate, municipal, and home environments. She is a hospitality and materials handling specialist, with an emphasis on Workers Compensation injury prevention.

She supports and coaches individuals to perform at their best.


What our members are saying:

"It's hard to pick just one takeaway because everything I've learned so far has been mind blowing, but I would have to say that one of the biggest things I've taken away from this program so far is that I now have knowledge and understanding (for a lifetime) of having a healthy relationship with food that I can enjoy to nourish, heal, and sustain a healthier body. I used to be overwhelmed by conflicting information about dieting and fitness, and now I see not only the big picture but an accurate one about how food + fitness fit together to impact weight loss, in my case, something that felt like such a big mystery to me. Dieting used to feel like an exhausting guessing game, a crapshoot that often yielded no results and if there were, I didn't know what worked that contributed to results, and it's no wonder the results didn't last long."

"I feel so empowered now by a system and blueprint that I can adjust to guide my journey to better eating and a better version of myself. If there is one word this journey has given me: it's freedom! Freedom from misinformation, freedom from the exhaustion of guessing if something was going to work, freedom from the literal weight that I felt I was not in control of, and freedom to enjoy food and movement in totally new ways. I have never eaten more and felt more satisfied and lost weight at the same time, which just goes to show that I was doing so many things wrong (for one I am horrified to think of the amount of calories, fat, carbs, and protein I was over eating daily in the past - but not going to dwell on it!) Thank you, Green Door Life, for giving me a lifestyle, a system that is measured, and FREEDOM in so many ways to pursue my best life."


We're hearing from so many people that they hardly recognize their new pandemic-effected bodies and want to feel better, fast. This usually translates into the desire to lose weight.

However, the physical weight we think we want to lose is oftentimes an outward reflection of the emotional and mental weight that we REALLY want to release... such as:

🤍The weight of motivating ourselves on our own to stay healthy through a pandemic when all we want to do is eat and drink until we’re numb

🤍The weight of running our homes while working there too, and picking up countless other hats and roles

🤍The weight of holding emotional space for our roommates, partners, families and literally, the world, while examining our own triggers and attempting to stay grounded

🤍The weight of not having the same social outlets and routines that used to automatically trigger healthy habits, which now fall on our shoulders as one more “have to do”

🤍The weight of obsessing about our bodies as old feelings of negative self-worth bubble to the surface

🤍The weight of repressing emotions and stress with no where to go - with no safe, comforting place to share how you feel

🤍The weight of agonizing over everything we’re eating as a way to try to control our environment as the world continues to be anything but predictable

To that we say:

We hear you 💚

You’re not alone, and it’s ok to ask for help.

If this is you, you’re not vain for wanting to feel better in your body.

You’re not superficial for wanting more energy and to feel better in your clothes.

Your why is valid and no one else’s business.

If you feel like your eating and drinking is spiraling out of control and you don’t know where to begin, we can help.

If you’re tired of being your own coach, cheerleader, therapist, and personal trainer, we can help.

If you don’t want to do it alone anymore, we’re here for you.

Our next 12-week program cycle starts soon... 

Let's Talk

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