When is the best time to do cardio?

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2021

We get this question a lot, Test: is cardio better before or after weights?

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to supporting a healthy physique (which, by the way, looks different on everyBODY).

This small change (knowing when, what type, and how much cardio to do) can have a HUGE impact on your muscle growth and recovery if you’ve been doing it the other way for a while.

Drum roll please....

Is this surprising to you?

We can't tell you how many clients we've worked with who have pushed themselves so hard with cardio before picking up weights and wonder why they can't get past using 10-pound dumbbells.

Understanding your physiology will give you the answer as to why this is not a good idea!

Here's why:

In other words: if you do a cardio session that lasts over 10 minutes before lifting weights, you're likely going to burn through / use up any glucose floating in your bloodstream and/or potentially even glycogen stored in your muscle cells and liver.

The body obtains and stores glucose and glycogen from the carbs you eat!

[HELLO, this is why we are not afraid of carbs!]

Don't waste that precious energy on cardio - that's what your body fat stores are for!

Is this all making sense now?

This is why we use the principles of nutrition science and exercise science to eat/work SMARTER, not harder.

So when is the best time for cardio? Read on...

Here's another tip:

If you do steady state cardio on a non-lifting day, you may enjoy doing it fasted (i.e. on an empty stomach) FIRST thing in the morning.

Why fasted? 

When you wake up after not having carbs for at least 8 hours (assuming you're not snacking in the middle of the night), your body is in a fasted state, meaning it probably has zero glucose readily available in the bloodstream.

Moving into an easy, steady state cardio activity like walking in a fasted state means that you're more likely to dip into body fat stores for energy immediately. 

The key is to make sure it's very low impact and easy.

If you try to do an intense exercise like HIIT or lifting weights in a fasted state, that will backfire by breaking down your hard-earned muscle tissue for fuel instead! 

Why? those activities require glucose and glycogen for fuel. So please don't try that on an empty stomach : )

That means waking up first thing in the morning, slamming coffee, and busting out a 30-45 minute super intense Peloton HIIT ride on an empty stomach is not a good idea!

This compromises your body's ability to build and maintain muscle mass, especially for women who naturally produce less testosterone.

As you can see, there is intention to everything we do and recommend.

Our entire weekly workout schedule that we facilitate live and on demand is centered around training efficiently for a desired result.

Nothing is random.

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