Why we're leaner AFTER vacation

Uncategorized May 06, 2022

Is it possible to return from vacation leaner than before?

With no bloat... or a need to take a vacation from a vacation... or time to recover from a wicked hangover? 

The answer is a resounding YES, you can come home leaner after vacation according to us and the rest of our Green Door Life extended community who just returned from nearly 10 days in Mexico. (But we're not just talking about losing weight on vacation... read on!)

We structured our vacation + retreat to reflect the balanced lifestyle and healthy habits that we promote "at home", which really can be done anywhere.

Each day included all of our favorite activities. There was a beautiful balance of energy exertion and energy restoration.

Yes, some of us drank a little. But our main goal wasn't to get plastered. Drinking is never the VIP at our gatherings. Our bonds are rooted in healthy habits like movement, collective support, celebrating wins, emotional and nervous system regulation, and doing the work to be the highest versions of ourselves. Plus, we know all the hacks to making alcohol work for us without compromising our health and physique. (Check out this post on why we recommend premium Mezcal or Tequila if you are going to drink and this post on the best tips for drinking without sabotaging your goals.)

Yes, some of us indulged more in certain foods and desserts. But we know how to balance that out at every meal and at the end of each day in order to make room for treats and rich foods, regardless of whether or not we're on vacation.

Yes, we lounged on the beach, took naps, and got lost in books. But we also clocked in over 20,000 steps daily as we navigated the massive resort, often skipping the complimentary golf cart service available for transport.

Yes, we stayed up late many nights enjoying deep, soulful conversation, Tarot readings, and Human Design assessments. But we also participated in several movement classes throughout the week, including Metabolic Conditioning (i.e. HIIT classes with weights), Yoga, and strength training guided by the one and only Shannon Morse.

(Hint: if you haven't trained in person or virtually online with Shannon yet, get ready for the next level of soreness... she will make the smallest adjustment in your form during any lift so that you actually feel the intended muscle contracting and thus, will see better results without injuring yourself. You've been warned 😂.)

We did Trapeze, water aerobics, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, and snorkeling.

We ecstatically danced like 20-year olds on Spring Break until our sweat extinguished all inhibition.

We shed blocks, walls, old beliefs, and inner critics in order to open ourselves up to our fullest expression of Divinity and joy.

We allowed space to just be who we truly are, wholly and authentically.

^^That was the most freeing aspect of all and also why many of us returned home feeling stronger, lighter, and more energized than before.

Not only did most of us move more than back home, we were nourished by more than food. We were satiated with soulful, real, in-person connection. We experienced the transformational power of breath work and professional photoshoots to further release our inner critic, the weight of the world, and the pressures of everyday modern life.

We lost more than just weight. We let go of baggage and anything else dragging us down. We were truly free. And this feeling is something we all will tap into regularly going forward.

We sealed the entire experience with a final ceremony of committing to self-care and our most authentic selves, all charged into a bracelet that each of us wear now as a reminder of our promises.

Now, one of our main goals is to continue re-creating these in-person experiences on some scale, multiple times throughout the year.

Gathering in person expedites the power of transformation as it allows for more in depth, hands-on learning + whole body integration.

We don't just help you lose weight. (No shame if that's your initial goal. Many of our members, ourselves included, started there). We get it. Many just want to feel good. They want to feel better. They want to alleviate the brain power spent on obsessing over one's body, exercise, and/or food.

We help you nourish your body appropriately - that's for sure.

But we also help you nourish your mind and spirit.

We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-talented human beings (not human doings).

Nourishing your physical body is just the tip of the ice berg to deeper, holistic health and an overall joyful, happy life.

Once you start nourishing your physical vessel, get ready for new emotional releases to arise. 

Becoming more intentional about what you eat and how you move automatically brings more awareness into all other areas of your life. 

Anything you consume - including food, Netflix shows, gossip, social media feeds, the news, books, your thoughts, etc. - has an impact on your body.

Are you ready to unpack anything no longer serving you? If any of this resonates, let this be your sign to take the next step.

We're looking for five more people to apply for our 1-on-1 coaching program this May. We'll work closely together for 12 weeks to help you achieve your primary goal, whether that's to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy, repair your relationship with food, or enhance athletic performance. 

Click here to book a free call with us if you're ready to get started on feeling the BEST you've ever felt in your entire life 🤩

And stay tuned for more updates about in-person Green Door Life events this summer and beyond!

P.S. if you are new to The Green Door Life, check out our nutrition master class first 💚

Shannon Morse & Lisa Kirby | Creators of Awaken Your Nutrition @thegreendoor.life  |  thegreendoorlife.com



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