Work-From-Home Ergonomics Quiz

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020


After working from home for so many months without access to our normal exercise and movement routines, we've heard from many of you that little aches and pains have started to pop up in the oddest of places. Are you feeling this, too? Like, a sore rib or thumb that clicks at night?

Take the following quiz to see how well your workstation is set up at home. Answers are at the bottom of this email.

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1. How should the feet be positioned while adjusting your chair?
(A) A little above the floor 
(B) Flat on the floor
(C) Toes touching the floor
(D) Whatever feels comfortable


2. How should your monitor be positioned?
(A) Top of the monitor at or below eye level
(B) Center of the monitor at eye level
(C) Eye level 2 inches above the top of the monitor
(D) Varies from person-to-person


3. Which areas in your office environment are key to an ergonomically viable set-up?
(A) Monitor, keyboard, chair
(B) AC, noise, lighting
(C) Telephone, chair, footrest
(D) Chair, mouse, keyboard


4. If there is a window nearby, where should it be in relation to you?
(A) To your side
(B) In front of you
(C) Behind you
(D) It doesn't matter

5. At what angle should you place your elbows while sitting and working on your desk?
(A) At 60 Degrees
(B) Below 90 Degrees
(C) Between 90 to 120 Degrees
(D) Above 120 Degrees


6. Which part of the back should any office chair definitely support?
(A) Mid-back
(B) Shoulder blades
(C) Lumbar region
(D) None of the above


7. You should position your monitor at __________ inches distance.
(A) 12 to 18
(B) 15 to 22
(C) 20 to 40
(D) 20 to 30


8. How often should you move and adjust your posture while working on the computer or laptop for longer time?
(A) Every 10 mins
(B) Around 30 mins
(C) 45 mins
(D) As soon as you get bored

Scroll to the bottom, and hit reply to this email to let us know how you did! We got a 60% passing rate, but more importantly, we realized that we needed to take a closer look at our home office set up after one of our new members shared her expertise in ergonomics. Many of us have had the benefit of a proper workstation set up while in the office, but are we taking the same precautions at home?


Ultimately, we're interested in creating flexible, strong, mobile bodies that are nourished from the inside out. We don't just stop at how much protein you're eating or how much weight you can lift. If we're stiff and immobile for 12 hours a day, staring down at our laptops and suffering from texting thumb, how effective will our workouts be anyway?


This is why we're pleased to announce expanded virtual studio classes for our current members! Get ready for HIIT, Yoga, stretching and flexibility sessions, and ergonomic assessments for your telecommuting workstations on top of our regularly scheduled strength training sessions. If you're not a member yet, click on the all-access pass below to enjoy a free 14-day trial.

The best part is that all classes are conducted live through Zoom AND you can watch replays on demand within 24 hours.


What classes light you up? What virtual support are you looking for more of? Hit reply to this email and let us know! We are all about serving you and what you want/need, and will find a way to bring it to you!


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Quiz Answers:

1.B                                                                                                  5. C                

2. A                                                                                                 6. C

3. A                                                                                                 7. C

4. A                                                                                                 8. B



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