Meal Prep Tips for Balanced Blood Sugar

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

Everyone is always asking us for new recipes, and we’re like...

Of course our members get all our favorite meals and we share a ton here...

But, The...

Eating a macronutrient balanced meal can be one of the most delicious, satiating, and nourishing moments of your day.

Without fail, every time I eat in the perfect balance for my body, I legit feel like I’ve had 10 cups of coffee without the jitters.

You won’t be lethargic afterward - you’ll have so much energy that people might accuse you of being annoyingly joyful

You’ll feel satiated but not unbutton-your-pants-and-lay-on-the-couch-in-a-Netflix-and-binge-food-coma kinda way.

You’re mood will be so stable, you’ll find yourself wondering if the world’s problems could be solved by simple balancing of blood...

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One thing we've been talking about lately is: carbohydrates. Poor carbs and sugar are still getting the short-end of the stick as the culprit for America's high obesity rates.

There are so many people out there who genuinely want to take better care of their bodies and health, and this is exactly why we're in the business of nutrition science education instead of following along fad diets. We know how maddening it can be to follow a protocol that has been advertised to help, only to lead you down the path of long-term yo yo dieting, out-of-whack hormones, and stubborn body fat that won't budge.


The, do you consider the amount that you sweat as an indicator of the effectiveness of your workout?

If so, we hate to break it to you but....

Super sweaty workouts that leave you in the fetal position after 60 minutes of all-out annihilation is probably overrated for helping you reach your goals

(Unless you’re legit training to compete in that modality, like CrossFit or a triathlon.)

Trying to out-exercise an unbalanced diet through sweat isn't effective, either. We burn way less calories than we think from exercise, which doesn't do much when also stress-drinking alcohol every night and hitting up the pantry for snacks like 7-11.

It’s not the best way to...

The, if you've been feeling stressed out, disoriented, and just straight up overwhelmed from 2020, you're not alone

Let intuitive energy healer and channeler, Catherine Linard, put you at ease next week to help start the year with intention and joy 

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About This Workshop:

Although the content will not be rigidly defined ahead of time, in recent livestreams Catherine has shared how to:

Understand what the pandemic means

Center, ground and root to receive from Divine

Deal with...

The, ready for a little core cardio pick-me-up to integrate into your day? This bodyweight only workout can be done anytime, anywhere - no equipment required.

If you need modifications, hit reply to this email and let us know!

15-min. Core Cardio Workout

1Reverse Lunges: 15x per side

2Lateral Bear Crawls: 5x per side

3Leg extension to tuck: 10x per side

4Straight arm side plank with leg abduction (10x) + Pilates Reach Over (5x)

5Repeat #4 on the other side

6Burpees with or without push-up and/or jump: 10x

Repeat circuit 2-4 times

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The, can you believe it has already been a week since Thanksgiving? Sometimes 2020 seems like it's moving at a snail's pace. And then there are moments like today when we wonder how in the world it's December!

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