🤦‍♀️Top 4 mistakes when trying to get lean🤦‍♀️

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

The, have you tried any of these when trying to get lean?

1Keto, fasting, and low carb diets

2Doing mostly cardio

3Under-eating with very low caloric intake

4Following a one-size-fits-all plan with zero customization or accountability

Although men may do very well at first with fasting and cutting carbs, at some point they're likely to hit a plateau, especially if strength training regularly. One day, they may want a piece of bread or a beer and feel discouraged when their weight kicks back up 10-fold from increased water retention.

For women, these top 4 mistakes are not just ineffective, they can cause the opposite effect in the body and actually increase body fat over time.


Women are not small men. Our physiology is completely different thanks to hormones. But this doesn't have to be a negative! Knowledge is power and will help you make...

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3 Coaching Spots Left in January!

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

The, we have only three coaching spots left this January.

We'll work closely together for 12 weeks to unlock your unique weight management and athletic performance code.

Would you like to ditch "I'll start on Monday" once and for all and experience true food freedom? If you're new to The Green Door Life and want to join us, click the following button to book your Discovery Call.

If you're interested in learning more about the results you can expect from our programs, meet Heather.

Heather wanted to feel good in her body, increase energy, and wear clothes with confidence. Heather hired us (a staff of licensed Diet Doc nutrition coaches and certified personal trainers) to help achieve her goals.

She lost 22 pounds in just 12 weeks.

A year later, she is 30...

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What do you REALLY want to lose?

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2021

The, if you've been feeling stressed out, disoriented, and just straight up overwhelmed from 2020, you're not alone

Let intuitive energy healer and channeler, Catherine Linard, put you at ease next week to help start the year with intention and joy 

Whether you're a current member or new to The Green Door Life, we invite you to join us at 11 a.m. Pacific on Monday, January 11th for a virtual channeling session with Catherine.

About This Workshop:

Although the content will not be rigidly defined ahead of time, in recent livestreams Catherine has shared how to:

Understand what the pandemic means

Center, ground and root to...

The, ready for a little core cardio pick-me-up to integrate into your day? This bodyweight only workout can be done anytime, anywhere - no equipment required.

If you need modifications, hit reply to this email and let us know!

15-min. Core Cardio Workout

1Reverse Lunges: 15x per side

2Lateral Bear Crawls: 5x per side

3Leg extension to tuck: 10x per side

4Straight arm side plank with leg abduction (10x) + Pilates Reach Over (5x)

5Repeat #4 on the other side

6Burpees with or without push-up and/or jump: 10x

Repeat circuit 2-4 times

Share this email with a friend who needs this 15-minute body...

The, can you believe it has already been a week since Thanksgiving? Sometimes 2020 seems like it's moving at a snail's pace. And then there are moments like today when we wonder how in the world it's December!

Now that we're collectively moving into a cocooning phase once again, it's more important now than ever to maintain a sense of community and social interaction, even if only virtually.

That's why we're bringing more free workshops your way, every single month.

Next up: an online modern dance class taught by Alisha Peek from Trybe Dance Collective at 4:30 p.m. Pacific on December 14!

Who This Is For

Whether you're a...

We participated in the #optoutside movement last week, The, and we hope you were able to as well!

Rather than feel pressured to shop on one day only, our programs are 30% off through December 31st.

Give the gift of full-body wellness from home for yourself or a loved one - anytime until the end of the year!

We offer everything from custom nutrition plans to live and on-demand workouts to 1-on-1 coaching, community meditations, and 24/7 support in a private forum that’s NOT Facebook.

You choose the level and length of...

The, we always focus on creating good habits when we’re starting out a new health plan, right?

At the same time, however, minimizing habits that are no longer serving you is just as important for making it easier to reach your goals.

After losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for years, Green Door Life Coach Tanya Burton has mastered the art of establishing healthy habits for long-term success. 

Scroll down to hear Tanya's tips in her not-to-miss podcast!


The, I’ll never forget when I first got a FitBit in 2014...

I started running to get my steps in, and I stopped prioritizing strength training.

Within a month, even though my body weight didn’t change, all my clothes were tighter and I was larger in size and volume.

Mind you, I hated running. And largely, still do.

And yet, I forced myself to do it because I was so competitive with my friends on the app and thought it would genuinely help me get lean.

A classic case of diving into the next fad without thinking about primary goals.

So many of our newest members have shared with us that bought a Peloton bike this year while gyms were closed.

After reviewing their primary goals, however, we explained that their current exercise routine (often paired with skipping meals) could actually be hindering their ability to achieve a lean physique.

Per usual, we recommend prioritizing lifting weights, a little HIIT, and walking as the...


The, feeling that pre-election frenetic energy?


One thing we like to do to help stay grounded through any stressful or anxious event is to practice appreciation.

We talked about this at length on our group coaching call last week.

Appreciation, not gratitude. 

With gratitude, the word and concept has become convoluted for many of us.

It may feel like or chore or one more thing we have to do.

When we start writing or saying out loud, "I'm grateful for...", it can bring up a hint of shame or guilt, as if you are not worthy of the very thing for which you're about to claim gratitude.

On the other hand, practicing appreciation can bring you more easily into total joy, love and alignment.

When you appreciate someone or something with the pure intention of celebration and love without feeling unworthy and...

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