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Dublin’s reputation as a hub for libations remains firmly in tact, but the influence sharing a round has on the cultural identity of this town can only really be appreciated in person. A challenge posed to those who visit Dublin is to navigate a route across the entire city without ever passing a pub. IF it’s ever been done, I’d say that’s worth a free pint!

The streets are lined with cozy watering holes teaming with lively patrons, from far and wide, enjoying a contagious social buzz. While Guinness and Jameson do seem to dominate the landscape, it would be a lifelong undertaking to sample the vast variety of whiskeys and beers on offer.

Peering through windows never meant to hang neon, from the cobblestone streets never meant for Nikes, one quickly gets a sense of the value these congregation stations offer the populous and hath offered for millennia. A place to unwind, a space for critical discourse, and a meeting point for old friends and new, the pubs...

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Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

Jeff and I had a conversation yesterday about time and how it passes while on vacation. We were both noticing the feeling of days seeming longer. Perhaps this is what just happens when you are on vacation. I had a thought that it was partly due to taking the time to walk. Walk anywhere and everywhere that we could.

Growing up, I would walk everywhere. I would throw on my headphones, a jacket and walk in every weather condition. Walking in the rain was a favorite event. I don’t walk as much anymore as the function of my job supports the whole “time is money” aspect.  Every extra moment that I spend, will take longer to see clients which is something that I can’t yet justify on work days.

However, what I have noticed, and am reminded of, is what I experience while walking. Walking allows me to use my senses. The air on my skin, the rhythm and texture of the street or ground as I step, the lights, pebbles, street signs and little pieces of magic found...

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Uncategorized Dec 20, 2017

It's almost impossible to travel in Ireland and not at least see photos of the typical Irish Breakfast. The breakfast may vary slightly from region to region. Our first experience was at the hotel breakfast buffet.

As we were assessing the breakfast options I was happy to see the European version of bacon. This always makes me laugh as almost every other part of the world has the actual MEAT portion of bacon while in America, the marketing of bacon has us fooled. What every other country considers, “the scraps” is what Americans pay extra for. The European bacon is actually quite lean. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fatty bacon in the US, although while trying to keep dietary fat low, the Euro bacon makes room for fat in other areas. Don’t worry, they have that fat area covered.

Here is what the typical Irish breakfast includes:

  • Bacon Rashers

  • Irish Pudding

  • Toast

  • Grilled Tomatoes and sometimes Mushrooms

  • Baked Beans

  • Pork Sausage

  • Hash Browns


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Uncategorized Dec 18, 2017

In my experience, some great trips come with a bit of a rocky start. Almost like a right of passage. Well, trip to Dublin, you were right on cue.

With an emergency 4 hour medical stop in Bangor, Maine, followed by the ole' switch-er-oo of luggage (which we found out at the hotel upon opening Jeff’s bag finding an abundance of stuffed animals as opposed to men’s wear in his orange suit case), we were in for a test in travel patience right from the start. What were the odds that someone else heading to Dublin had the same ginger suitcase?!

Travel snafus aside, as I was contemplating writing this little intro, I became aware of the travel strategies that I always employ on overseas treks and they go a little something like this.


If you have ever carried a water bottle on the plane and watched the pressure do it’s work on the bottle, you will get a sense of what may happen inside our bodies as we go through various altitudes. Check out this article for a...

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